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Whether you are starting a new career or looking to expand your opportunities within your current roles , becoming a Sports Massage Therapist is a great work opportunity in both freelance and employed work. 

This course is designed for those who are looking to work within the sporting and fitness environment and will teach you the essential knowledge and skills to deliver sports massage therapies in a sporting and clinical environment. You'll learn how to manage clients in an effective manner and deliver the best treatments to help decrease muscle soreness, prevent injuries and work towards rehabilitation with your clients.


This course will qualify you for employment within the UK or Internationally, or allow you to progress to the Level 4 Sports Massage Course or undertake specialised courses in order to further your career in the industry. 

Entry Requirements: None

Course Length: 8 Weeks 

Course Type: Blended Online and In-Person Learning

Accreditation:  CIMPSA

Sports massage is rapidly becoming more and more sought after by clients. For those already working in the fitness industry it is a fantastic skill to have in order to extend services to your clients and increase your earning potential. Sports massage is not just for athletes, meaning that almost anyone is a potential client for this service. 

 Our fully accredited and industry recognised Level 3 Sports Massage Course is an 8 week course. This is made up of once a week in-person sessions which last for 5 or 7 hours a time, alongside self-learning and study at home in order to work towards your certification. 

We give you all the tools you need to meet industry standards by developing your knowledge and skills to work confidently and with expertise in the massage environment. By the end of this course you will be able to provide sports massage therapy to a range of clients who have dysfunctional tissue, without acute / post acute injuries or underlying pathological conditions.

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Sports massage on leg
Upper Back Massage


Sports massage is rapidly becoming a sought after service by just about anyone and everyone. It's suitable for all types of people including athletes, occasional gym goers and even office workers who are stuck in an office chair 9-5 Monday to Friday. You'll need to be able to give a safe and effect sports massage as-well as having good knowledge of anatomy and physiology in the human body. In our course you will cover:

  • Anatomy and physiology for sports massage.

  • Principles of health and fitness.

  • Understand the principles of soft tissue dysfunction.

  • Professional practice in sports massage.

  • Sports massage treatments.


To qualify with your Level 3 Sports Massage certificate you will be required to undertake a selection of assessments. These are a variation of theory and practical assessments which you will be prepared for during your lessons and home-learning and study. Our tutors will be available outside of in-person lessons to contact for additional support and guidance throughout the course and assessments. The assessments are as followed:

  • Multiple choice theory exam on anatomy and physiology - (70% pass required)

  • Practical assessment on delivering a maintenance (clinical) sports massage - (pass required)

  • Practical assessment on delivering a pre-sport massage - (pass required)

  • Practical assessment on delivering a post-sport massage -  (pass required)

You will also complete a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your understanding of everything you have learned which will be completed on a continuous basis throughout the duration of the course.



  • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage (regulated by Ofqual).



The fee for this course is £1995 which includes absolutely everything. There are no hidden registration or certification fees and you will receive free unlimited re-sits for your examinations.

There are multiple options for ways to pay including:

  • Pay in Full - pay in one bulk lump sum 

  • Pay monthly - pay a deposit to secure your space and choose whether you want to spread the cost of your course over 3, 6 or 9 months.*

Full payment must be made by the end date of the course for certificates to be released, failure to pay in full by the certification dates will result in a delay in your certificate being issued.

You can view the payment options on this course by clicking the button 'View Courses' at the top of this page.




Once you have successfully completed our course and gained your Level 3 Certification in Sports Massage then you have a huge range of path choices that you can take to either go into the world of work or further develop your career. All of these can increase your earning potential and further your career.

You will now be able to work delivering sports massage on a freelance basis or as an employed role. You can deliver the most popular type of sports massage (maintenance / clinical) or even go into offering pre-sport and post-sport massages on the field or trackside!

If you wish to expand your career even further, then the most common route to take upon completion of this course is to advance onto the Level 4 Sports Massage course or undertake specialist courses such as Cupping, Dry Needling or Kinesiology Taping.

Other Routes of Progression:

Other routes which people who take this course include: 

Level 2 Gym Instructing Course which will allow you to work in a gym environment interacting with members or providing inductions and knowledge to members and clients.

Level 3 Personal Training Course which will allow you to take on 1 to 1 clients in a gym or fitness environment or even become an online coach.

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